Nonpublic Transportation

You may be eligible to receive funding from the State of Iowa for providing transportation for pupils attending an accredited non-public school.

To be eligible to receive funding through Springville Community School District you must:

1.  Reside within the boundaries of Springville Community School District.

2. Send your student to an accredited nonpublic school, grades K-12.

3. Live more than 2 miles away from the nonpublic school of attendance in elementary grades and  more than 3 miles for secondary students. 

4. Be transporting your child(ren) all or part of the way to the school of attendance.

5. Have no Springville Community School District bus service available for transporting to the school of attendance.

6. Eligible families who transport over 4 miles, are entitled to one supplemental mileage payment per family, per claim period.

Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form

For More Information, Contact:
Stacey Matus, Business Manager
319-854-6197 ext. 1003, email: