Boxtops for Education Contest!



Please turn in your boxtops for a chance to win prizes courtesy of CAST!  With a March deadline approaching, we would like to collect as many box tops as we can right now!  Our goal for the year is $2250.00 and we are currently at $1850.00.  This is such a great fundraiser for our school and community – where “trash” – (little paper squares)  is turned into “treasure” – (field trips, subscriptions, teacher needs and gifts, and playground additions and upgrades).  Involve your neighbors, your grandparents, your clubs, and your church congregation!


 Here are the details of this contest:

WHO?  Everyone!  This is not just for the elementary students!  Just put your name on your collection sheet or plastic baggie or envelope.

WHAT?  For every 25 box tops that you collect, you are awarded a candy treat.  At the end of the month, we will determine our top box top collector and they will receive our GRAND PRIZE of a $20.00 giftcard.

WHEN?  Starting NOW!  Contest ends February 28th, but our box top collection never ends.

WHERE?  You can drop off your box tops LABELED WITH YOUR NAME to the cable company, the elementary school – front office or classroom, the high school library, or to Tiel Howard directly.

ALSO:  Bonus box tops (printed receipts from grocery stores; 2,3, or 5 increment box tops pulled or cut from boxes) cannot be affixed to collection sheets.  They DO count towards our contest, but must be BAGGED ONLY.  Thank you!