School Updates and Activity Updates Registration

Springville Community School District will be utilizing GovDelivery for the upcoming school year to communicate school-related emergency situations, such as weather.  We will continue to use our local media outlets as well, but GovDelivery will be our primary e-mail and text service to communicate those same cancellations, delays, and early releases.  To sign-up for this service, please visit the link below.  In order to sign-up more than once or via multiple modes, revisit the page to sign up other numbers and e-mail addresses:

Additionally, we will be recollecting information for those individuals that would like to receive e-mail updates in regards to Springville activities.  To sign-up for those e-mails, please go to the link below:

Additionally, it is recommended that all information on PowerSchool is up to date.  If you have trouble logging in, please contact the school.

Pets on School Grounds

On occasion, we have observed people bringing pets with them as they drop off students (particularly at the Elementary building) and also to outdoor school events. In order to help ensure the safety of all individuals, no pets are allowed on school property during the school day from 7:50 AM - 3:20 PM.  Pets are also not permitted at school events, including football, baseball, and softball games.  Even a pet on a leash can be startled and possibly bite someone nearby. We have some students that are very allergic to pet saliva.  A seemingly harmless lick might cause a life-threatening allergic reaction if the student has a cut or other broken skin. We ask everyone's cooperation with this.