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Springville Secondary School's Awesome Artwork

The pictures of artwork on this page are from the following students: Jenna Nulle Michael Cooper Tyler McDowell Olivia Dlouhy Jordyn Johnson Joel Wickman Awesome work students and keep the artwork coming! read more


Springville Teachers Help Others

Springville Teachers Help Others by Emma Close What is ALS? ALS is a disease also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, motor neuron disease and Martin Charcot disease. Lou Gehrig was a hall of fame baseball player for the New York Yankees with ALS and he made an important speech about ALS. Ms. Hoogland stated, “I did . . . read more

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3rd Grade Learns About Sound

What makes a sound?  Why do some sounds have a higher or lower pitch?  These are some of the questions being explored by Miss Carnahan's 3rd graders during their Sound Unit in science.  During the unit, the students have a chance to interact with materials such as the tuning fork, 'waterphones', and xylophones, . . . read more


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