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Homecoming 2015 - October 5-October 10

Homecoming 2015 The week of October 5th through the 10th is Homecoming Week at Springville.  We have a lot of great activities sponsored as you can see below.  I've only included home activities on this - all other activities that are not at Springville can be found by going to  and clicking on Springville.  Please pass on to anyone who does not receive this (FYI: The . . . read more


The Oriole Cast

Great news Orioles Fans!  Starting this school year, we will be providing an opportunity to catch Orioles Athletics even when you can't make it to the game or match.  Even if you are there, feel free to tune in on your phone or other device.  The Oriole Cast starts this fall as a live audiocast via the Internet. . . . read more

Activities Passes

Springville Schools Activity Passes Form You may turn these forms in and pick up your passes in central office. Contact Barb Hennings in central office if you have any questions. read more


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